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Flexible & Extensible 

eBPF based hyper-scale load-balancer

Load balance and high availability conce

What is LoxiLB ?

LoxiLB is an open source hyper-scale software load-balancer for cloud-native workloads. It uses eBPF as its core-engine and is based on Golang. 

LoxiLB turns Kubernetes network load balancing into high speed,  flexible and programmable LB services. It automates the tasks of external load balancer administration: deployment, bootstrapping, configuration, provisioning, scaling, upgrading, migration, routing, monitoring, and resource management. It is primarily designed to power on-premise, edge and public-cloud Kubernetes apps but it should work equally well as a standalone load-balancer. 


LoxiLB Benefits

High- Perf
  • Purpose built eBPF based data-plane

  • Designed for high-perf & scalability

  • Cloud-native design 

  • Full support for k8s

  • Bare-Metal & Public-Cloud K8s support

Inter Operability
  • Easily export  your cloud-native k8s micro- services with  goBGP

Future Proof
  • Natively integrates with MEC/OpenRAN 

  • Support for SRv6 , SCTP,  GTP (ext) etc


LoxiLB Virtual Lab

LoxiLB's Virtual Lab provides an environment where users can experience LoxiLB in an web environment interactively.

We have almost 25 scenarios (ex: TCP/UDP, NAT64/66, SCTP, UL/CL, etc) and You can try various LoxiLB features.

 (*) For this, user need authentication for killercoda site


Latest Blogs


Use cases

K8S External Load Balancer

Service load-balancer for Kubernetes to power Edge, 5G, IoT, XaaS Apps ​

  • NAT44, NAT66, NAT64 with One-ARM, FullNAT, DSR modes

  • Full compliance for K8s load balancer Spec

  • Advanced IPAM, IP Sharing 

  • Full BGP support with goBGP


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